When it comes to taking the big step, and joining your life with your partner for the rest of your lives, you should take all the time you need to be ready. Marriage should not be rushed, especially when it comes to sharing your life with someone else for eternity. Additionally, the divorce rate has been increasing throughout the years given that couples do not longer find a reason to stay together after a while, which is why taking your time to enter marriage might be the smarter thing to do.

If you think you are ready to take that leap of faith, here are some reasons of why we urge you to wait.

1. Know yourself

How well do you know yourself? Whether you are changing or understanding yourself better, you have to be stable in order to share your life with your partner. You need to feel mature enough to be your own person without depending on anybody else and still remain true to yourself. Part of knowing yourself is knowing your weaknesses and strengths, knowing what you like and what you don’t, what bothers you and what you can actually deal with, and these small things make you who you are. He or she might not be the same person you know now than they’ll be in 10 years. Individuals go through their developmental and changing stages earlier in their lives, which is why maybe a decade later you might not recognize the person you married into before.

2. Be financially stable

Although a lot of fortunate individuals are, other people are still not financially stable. Finances are a big deal in a marriage, when it comes to sharing costs, buying stuff together, and being able to buy your own stuff, you need to be financially stable. It goes for both parties, both of you should not feel like you depend economically on the other person, since this might cause tensions in the marriage further on. Also, know your partner, know how they spend and how they act when it comes to money, maybe they are big spenders while you are a big saver, this might be a deal breaker in the future. Part of waiting to get married is getting to know each other in every possible aspect, and also being able to bring your own financial contribution into the marriage so that both of you can still feel independent in a certain way.

3. If marriage is forever, then what is the rush?

If you are willing to spend your entire life with your partner, why do you need to do it immediately. You are both willing to spend the rest of your life together then what is the hurry? Marriage is merely a signed paper that gives you both as a couple ‘stability’ and ‘reassurance’ of your love for one and another, but if your relationship isn’t stable or if your partner needs reassurance of your love for one another, then how is marriage going to change the insecurities you have presently as a couple. Marriage should be voluntary and it shouldn’t be rushed, in certain cases it even makes people feel trapped because it is supposed to be forever. Be aware that marriage doesn’t solve a problem that is present in the relationship, if it isn’t stable now, it will certainly wont get any better once you are married.

4. Know each other

Often couples get engaged within months of dating each other. It’s true, they might be madly deeply in love, but do they really know each other? After all, marriage is supposed to be forever and you are supposed to spend the rest of your life with that special one. Before rushing into marriage, get to know each other. Even if you both know that you want to get married, there is no way to get to know a person in a short amount of time. In effect, you never stop knowing a person, which is why you don’t want to enter a marriage with a total stranger. Take your time, and if it takes living together before getting married, do it. Know each other in every possible way before you jump into ‘forever’. It’s better to get to know someone before getting married, rather than after when you discover that they aren’t like the person you fell in love with. Take your time to make the right decision.