A Guide to Buying the Best Air Compressors

What comes in handy often but is not owned by most people? An air compressor.

If you have a project coming up that you know you’ll need an air compressor for, this guide will benefit you. Although simple machines to use, there are different types of air compressors to choose from.

Read on to learn how to find the best air compressors for your needs.

What Do You Need an Air Compressor for?

The best air compressors are those that get the job done when you need it most. The truth is, you can choose an air compressor based on what your plan for it is. Here are some common uses:

Light/Personal Use

If you want an air compressor as a light household tool to fill sports balls, some air tools, bikes, and even car tires, personal grade compressors are a great option.

A portable lightweight air compressor is generally affordable for the common homeowner. Although this is a plus, these small pumps take time to fill the things you need.

Because they don’t use oil, they are loud and have less power. You’ll have to refill these tools more often. The following are different types of personal air compressors you can buy:

  • Inflator
  • Pancake compressor
  • Twin-stack compressor
  • Portable single-stage compressor
  • Stationary single-stage compressor

Portable air compressors are more convenient than stationary ones. However, one might work better for you depending on your needs.

Moderate/Professional Use

Anyone can buy a professional air compressor, but contractors might benefit the most from one. These items are great for those planning to use them for more than hobbies or general home needs.

Unlike personal air compressors, professional-grade power allows for sufficient capacity leading to hours of use. The types of professional air compressors out there are:

  • Twin-stack compressors
  • DC compressors
  • Wheelbarrow compressors

Some of these are gas air compressors while others are not, but you shouldn’t have to refill them often.

Extreme/Industrial Use

By far, an industrial-grade air compressor has the most power. If you need more than one air tool working at a time, this choice is your best bet. Check out one of these air compressors if you are interested:

  • Rotary screw compressor
  • Two-stage compressor

Although pricier than the above options, you get what you pay for in quality with industrial air compressors. Surprisingly, rotary screw types are one of the quiet air compressors to choose from.

Choosing the Best Air Compressors for Your Needs

Depending on what your next project entails, you’ll benefit from one type of air compressor over another.

For light work, you can pick an affordable personal-grade air compressor. Some of these compressors are strong enough to complete professional jobs.

Those who need to power multiple tools at once will benefit from industrial-grade air compressors.

Choosing the best air compressors relies heavily on what you need them for. Keep this tip in mind when shopping around for these machines.

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