Running Injuries

Ever gotten hurt while running a few laps with friends?

Ever gotten hurt while running a marathon?

Or simply, have you ever gotten hurt in any way while running?

If the answer to any of the above questions is affirmative it means that you need to up your game. It is imperative to sustain injuries while running but not impossible to avoid them. From simply getting a scratch to even breaking a bone, injuries vary while running. However, it is important to know how to avoid them or escape them while running. There are various ways through which one can avoid injuries, let’s explore a few basic ones to get you up and running.

Warm up and cool down

A major mistake that runners make is warming up but not cooling down. Both of these activities are equally important to make the exercise worthwhile and beneficial for the body. Warming up involves, getting the body heated and prepared for the long run ahead. It requires one to stretch their muscles and wake them up for the exercise ahead.

Similarly, once you have run a certain number of laps, it is important to cool down the muscles as well. This way, the muscles can relax and not stiffen up. Stiff muscles make it difficult to even walk let alone run. As a result, these hard, stiff muscles, make the body incapable of walking and cause the runner to trip.

Build strength before muscle

A technique that is often promoted in gyms is to build muscle. However, this is absolutely incorrect. It is important to build strength before building muscle. Building strength simply means that you are making sure the body has enough capacity to sustain the muscle that you intend to build. This way the overall physique will improve and this will add to the overall look of one’s body.

Building strength also qualifies you for all tasks. Once you have the strength you can easily run laps and even compete in a marathon. This way, you will eventually end up building muscle as well. However, going to step 2 without completing step 1 will weaken your body and make you look weirdly shaped and unfit.

A hydrated body and a balanced diet.

Not only for running but also for having a healthy skin, physique, body, eyes, hair, for all the organs it I necessary that one takes a balanced diet and is always well hydrated. While running, one tends to lose a lot of water, this causes the blood to thicken which can lead to severe consequences. Moreover, lack of water in the body can also cause issues while breathing again leading to a congested chest.

A balanced diet helps maintain the strength of the body and makes sure the muscles are well nourished and equipped for the run. A balanced diet will help the muscles stay strong and will also provide nourishment throughout to ensure the body survives the run and does not get injured.

These 3 basic ways will help the body to ensure that it stays strong in light of injuries. These tips will also strengthen the internal defense mechanism of the body and make sure that it can make through the day with or without injuries. Getting injured while running is not a difficult task, however, enabling the body to fit these injuries and survive is necessary.