How Much Does Palm Tree Removal Cost?

Palm trees are beautiful to look at, but they can also become a nuisance and a threat to your home if they’re rotted or diseased.

Hiring a professional tree removal company is a smart way to get rid of an old palm tree in a safe way.

How much does palm tree removal cost, and what should you expect to pay for this service? Read on to learn more.

Trimming and Tree Branch Removal

You might not need to cut the entire palm tree down, which means you could save some money. Tree limb removal generally costs less than removing the entire tree itself.

It can cost anywhere between $120 and $1,200 to trim a tree, which greatly depends on the size. For example, smaller trees shorter than 20 feet tall cost around $250 to about $500.

For taller trees, you could expect to pay between $390 to around $700 or more depending on how many branches you need to be trimmed and where it’s located. Extra-tall or larger trees may run closer to about $500 to $1,000 or more for a trimming.

Palm Tree Removal Cost

If you need the entire palm tree taken down, you should expect to pay more. The average palm tree removal cost is approximately $400, but you could pay as little as $150 if the tree is small.

For a large palm tree removal cost, the amount is much higher, coming in closer to $1,000. Remember that large tree removal cost is always going to be more than it will be for smaller, shorter trees.

Always consult with a professional tree removal company to get an accurate cost and estimate. They can help you determine just how much it will cost to remove the palm tree, and how long it should take to do so.

Other Things to Consider

You might not want to remove your palm tree, but there may be times when it’s necessary. For example, if the tree appears to lean to one side, it could eventually fall over and possibly on top of your home.

Palm trees that are growing close to power lines should also either be trimmed or completely removed. Any rotting or diseased trees are usually cut down, too.

Examine your palm tree closely and monitor its health regularly to ensure that it looks good. An older tree, one that has pests, or trees with dead limbs and branches will need some kind of attention and TLC. In some cases, your palm tree might be able to be salvaged, while other times it may need to come down.

Don’t Take a Chance with Your Tree

Keep these things in mind when you’re thinking about the total palm tree removal cost. While you might be able to trim a few branches, there could be instances when it’s time for your beautiful palm tree to come down.

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