The biggest problem faced by businesses isn’t money, pricing, transportation or the economy. Almost always, obscurity is the biggest issue faced by businesses. If your target audience doesn’t know you, why would they buy from you? When establishing your business or even when expanding it, your number one priority should be to gain the maximum amount of exposure.

What’s the best and the most effective way for you to expose your brand? Here are some great tips to maximise your brand exposure and build awareness.

March out on social media

Social media is one of the best and most effective ways to gain brand exposure and build a fan following. And except for the ads, it is free. Yes, this does mean that you have to invest time into your social media page and regularly share content, but down the road, you would enjoy returns, so it sure is worth it.

Just make sure that you provide relevant and valuable content when engaging with your audience. Also respond to any comments that are left on your page, and strike conversations.

And if you feel you can’t spare time for all of these things, automate your social media, so that you can get some benefit at least.

Organise an event

Our business may be in an industry, but it still does pay off to organise an event, and invite your potential consumers. Throw a Christmas party, organise a lunch or dinner or maybe hold a conference during which you can advertise your upcoming product or service. You can even organise a workshop, and share your expertise. Holding events helps because you get to interact directly with your consumers, providing them the opportunity of experiencing your brand.

And if you hand out custom merchandise during the event, you continue to gain exposure even when it’s over. Companies like Custom Gear offer a wide range of products, so you do have a lot of options.

Set up a PM campaign

Press coverage is a credible way to build brand awareness, enticing new consumers to at least check out your online presence. But prior to this, you have to come up with an aspect that is worthy of being in the news. The exact manner in which you can do this depends on the advertising channel like radio, print or TV.

Generally, you can share your personal story that led you to start the business, an interesting sales trend or results of a recent survey.

Offer great customer service

Today’s consumers want guarantees, quick response times, and exceptional service throughout their journey. In fact, customer service is a major factor in the purchase decision, especially if your consumers are buying over the internet.

And by the way, if your clients are extremely satisfied with your products and services, they will talk about the brand in their social circle, providing you greater exposure. Word-of-mouth is the best referral that any business can get.

Set up a blog

Host a blog on your website so that your target audience can get to know you better, and develop trust. Your posts should be informing, entertaining and consistent.