So you’re thinking of betting online? While this is convenient and fun, it has its fair set of risks and problems. We’ll walk you through these first, and then advice the best way to avoid them without marring your online gambling experience.

The risks involved

  • Frauds and malicious individuals can access your account using phishing emails, which entice you to share your account details on fake websites.
  • Spyware and other viruses can allow hackers to steal your personal information and use it in an illegal way.
  • Many online gambling websites try to attract you with impressive bonuses, but those bonuses are all a hoax. Upon signing up, you don’t receive them.
  • Gambling websites may have a chat option. In such a case, all risks associated with online chat rooms are equally likely.

Reputation matters!

And too much that is! You eliminate all of the above risks if you choose a reputed online betting platform. Websites of these sorts use the most advanced technology and ensure that your identity or payment card information remains secure and unencrypted. This prevents unauthorised individuals from making transactions on your behalf. These websites also ascertain that no malware or antivirus can affect your device. Plus, the odds that you see are accurate.

Choosing a reputed betting platform

Here is how you can find a reputed betting platform.


Which betting platform are you considering? Check to see if they are licensed and belong to a regulated jurisdiction. You’ll be able to find this information on the internet. Also see if any third party audits the platform, which will give you more idea about their credibility. Run a quick online search as well, and see if the platform is trustable.


Once you have some names in minds, ensure that they are suitable for your needs. Check out the different kinds of sports for which you can place bets, and ensure that all or most sports of your interest are covered.

A betting platform which has a mobile app increases your convenience. So you may want to check out this as well. Go through the policies and procedures as well, and note down when and how are the bonuses rewarded. All this is an important part of online betting, and would contribute to your experience.


Before you give away your credit card details, find out if the website is secure. Check the frame of your browser window; a large padlock sign should appear when you register or log in. The website address should also start with https, which again indicates that it is secure. When you receive your payment card statements, ensure that the correct amount was deducted.


Reading reviews of the same platform on various online websites like is a really effective way to ensure that the gambler is reputed. You’ll get to know what they’ve experienced, which would give you a fairly good and most of the time accurate idea of the services.