Happy man and woman lying in bed with smile

Are you worried your relationship is falling apart? With lockdowns and a global pandemic, it’s easy to see why this might be happening. You might have spent too long with your partner or lockdown might have taught you that you are fundamentally different people.

But there could be another reason for your relationship breakdown and that’s a lack of spontaneous sex. You need to remember to have sex and to have sex well.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to have spontaneous sex in marriage. 

1. Makes You Feel Alive 

Having spontaneous sex can make you feel alive than any other activity can. It’s an activity that releases endorphins and adds a sense of excitement to your current situation. Some celebrity couples swear by spontaneous sex in marriage. 

Instead of reading, watching a film, or playing a video game you can put down your phone and can instead be part of an experience that makes you feel truly part of the human experience.

If you are a woman struggling with your own sexual fulfillment then experiment with a clit vibrator beforehand to get yourself warmed up. Better still, ask your partner to use it on you 

2. Makes You Feel Attractive

Having spontaneous sex in marriage or any relationship could be a great thing. If done well it could make you feel more attractive. 

If your partner compliments you and makes you feel that you are special you should take this energy with you into your normal life. 

Let him treat you and do things to you, don’t shy away from it. Embrace it and enjoy it. But do remember to return the favor as well. 

3. Transforms Your Relationship

What is spontaneous sex in marriage and relationships all about? Is it a purely physical act? A self-gratifying way of seeking pleasure? For some people, this is all sex ever is. 

But for others, those who truly understand its potency, sex is a much more emotional act. It’s a way of bringing people together. Understanding this can get you out of your sex rut, a common occurrence in the 21st century.

If you participate in sex correctly – trying to please the other partner and make them happy – then it can truly transform your relationship into something special and pure. 

It’s a way of expressing to each other your love for one another and it also reveals the levels of mutual respect you have for each other as you have to trust each other in terms of your own boundaries. 

Spontaneous Sex is Great

Spontaneous sex is great as it can help you reinforce your own boundaries. It can make you feel more alive and more sexually aware. If you have a great partner it can also make you feel more attractive. 

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