A common misconception among Canadians is that smoking weed is the main cause of laziness. Anyone who chooses to light up and enjoy a few hits of a joint is turns into a lazy bum instantly, right? Wrong! Of course there is some chance that your weed can cause you to feel relaxed, chill, mellow, and sometimes can even give you no motivation to do anything. But it doesn’t have to be this way. The way we feel when we smoke depends greatly on the strain we are enjoying and each strain can bring about different effects.

Canadians are learning more and more about different strains and the high each causes because more and more people are choosing to grow their own cannabis. The Canadian government recently granted approval for citizens to grow up to four recreational plants from home and the ability to grow for medical purposes with an ACMPR license has been around for years. If you are interested in growing, interested in smoking, or just want to learn about different kinds of weed check out these top five cannabis strains that can lead to increased productivity.

Super Sour Diesel

Super Sour Diesel is a household name when it comes to cannabis lovers. It is well-known for many reasons, and not just for its extremely potent effects. The impressive THC content comes in at about 24%, so needless to say anyone new to marijuana should stay away from this one. You might feel some strong psychoactive effects if you aren’t used to high THC strains. For those who can handle it, however, it is the perfect weed for increasing energy, improving social behaviors, and even allowing someone to become extremely productive and creative.

Jack Herer

Don’t expect to sit still and do nothing after a few puffs of Jack Herer; this strain is not as well-known but those who get their hands on it love it for increasing productivity. It will leave you feeling uplifted and happy, energetic and ready to face any challenge. It can even spark your creativity, so let Jack Herer work its magic.

Dutch Treat

Dutch Treat is a hybrid strain that affects everyone differently. It can leave you feeling mellow and relaxed, but on the other end of the spectrum users report feelings of euphoria and happy to accomplish any task at hand. Beware of smoking too much though, you might end up feeling hyperactive and easily distracted.


Haze is another popular strain in the cannabis world and chances are you have seen it on the shelves of dispensaries if you frequent these shops. It is actually known for boosting productivity and people use it for exactly this reason. Too much too quickly can have negative effects, so take it slow with Haze. Just the smallest amount is necessary for becoming more productive than you have ever been.

Kali Mist

The THC levels for Kali Mist are middle of the road – about 15% – and it has won awards in the marijuana community for its nice flavor and soothing effects. Many Kali Mist users prefer taking it in the morning to get a good head start on the day since it leads to a focused yet relaxed state of mind.