9 of the Most Common Commercial Roofing Problems

Today, nearly everyone has turned into a do-it-yourself fanatic. There are numerous benefits of DIY projects. But, some projects are better left to professionals.

Among the services that you would rather not attempt to handle by yourself is commercial roofing. Professionally installed commercial roofing means fewer repairs and replacements, thus saving you on the upfront cost. Moreover, the experts save you time and save you from common roofing issues.

Nevertheless, regardless of how well your roof is installed, you may notice some roofing problems. Some may be obvious, while others are easy to miss. Keep reading to find out some commercial roofing problems to look out for, and how to prevent them.

1. Lack of Roofing Maintenance

Most roofing issues start as minor repairs. The problems can be as small as a loose nail or dirty gutters. However, the issues may turn into major damages as a result of a lack of regular maintenance.

You should invest in routine roofing inspections and maintenance. Regular inspection allows you to spot issues before they get out of hand. In return, timely repairs save you money and extend the lifespan of your roof.

Ensure that you hire the best roofing contractor near you like saltlakeroofing.com/commercial/ for quality services assurance. The professionals come equipped with reliable tools to detect any other underlying problems.

2. Poor Roof Installation

A poorly installed roof poses all types of issues in the long run. It also minimizes the life expectancy of the roof.

If you notice that your commercial roof does not appear uniform, has missing or damaged shingles or the roofing materials are not properly attached, you should consider a roofing repair.

It is highly recommendable that you hire a reliable roofing contractor for proper installation. The experts have the experience, skills, and tools necessary to do a quality job. In return, you are assured that the roof will serve you for the longest time without the need for repair or replacement.

3. Leaking Roof

Have you noticed water spots on your building’s wall or ceiling? Or you have spotted missing flashing, shingles, and water spots. These are just a few signs that your commercial roofing has leaks.

Leaking roofs are among the most common commercial roofing problems. And pose a lot of dangers to your property and equipment.

Among the common causes of water leaks are poor drainage, open penetration, and damages to the roof membrane. Leaks put your building at risk of molding. The best way to prevent this issue is through proactive maintenance to eliminate interior water intrusion.

Also, be sure to hire trustworthy roofing contractors to handle your maintenance services. The experts will conduct a thorough inspection to identify the source of the leak. Moreover, they will detect any other underlying issues before suggesting the most suitable solution.

4. Damaged Flashing

Flashing is a critical part of the roof that seals vents, chimneys, vents, pipes, and any other openings on the roof. Poor installed or damaged flashing causes the seams to open or cause the blow-off.

Flashing is a result of metal contraction and expansion. In return, the metal may develop holes, thus creating ways for water leaks.

5. Commercial Roofing Shrinkage

Your roof membrane may experience shrinkage due to age or inferior material. The membrane is the layer located under the shingles. Upon shrinking, it may crack or craze. Besides, you can identify shrinkage when you realize that the flashing is starting to pull away from the wall.

6. Roof Punctures

Punctures are a common roofing issue in flat roofs. Although individuals prefer flat roofs because of maximum space utilization, the roofs are prone to punctures due to high traffic. Walking on the roofs may result in tearing and puncturing the membrane, which ruins the roof’s structure.

Punctures are dangerous because they are the hardest to notice. If not rectified sooner, roof puncture allows moisture to leak into the vulnerable parts of your building’s roof.

The best way to reduce punctures is to minimize walks on the roof. Furthermore, invest in quality roofing materials that can resist high pressure.

7. Poor Roofing Repairs

While regular roofing maintenance is crucial for the functionality and longevity of your commercial roof, you need proper repairs to enjoy this benefit. Repairing a roof requires specific materials and tools.

Doing the repairs yourself or hiring an inexperienced contractor could cause permanent damages to your commercial roof. Therefore, confirm if your roofing contractor is qualified and certified to offer these services before trusting them with such a significant investment.

8. Poor Quality Roofing Materials

You may have everything figured out for your roofing project, but without proper roofing materials, your effort is bound to be futile.

Different business types demand varying roofing materials. For example, restaurants should have grease and animal fats resistant roofs like PVC. Restaurant owners should shy from roofings with EPDM membrane as it may break down due to grease accumulation.

Consider the type of your business and the factors that could affect the functionality of your roof before settling for a specific material type.

9. Ponding Water

Ponding or pooling water is a common problem with flat roofs. Also known as standing water, this is an issue where water collects in pools on some areas of the roof. It happens mostly after a heavy downpour.

In some cases, the ponds evaporate or drain off after some time. But if the water doesn’t go away after a long time, it endangers your roof.

You can eliminate this issue by investing in proper drainage or changing the roof structure and design.

Maximize Efficiency and Longevity of Your Commercial Roofing

Now that you understand the common roofing issues and how to identify them, you are better positioned to rectify the problems before they get out of hand. Invest in professional commercial roofing for expert services to maximize the functionality of your roof.

Take your time to search for the best roofing companies to entrust with your project. The providers should offer regular inspection and maintenance to repair issues while still in the initial stage.

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