All About Industrial Machinery Manufacturers

Do you want to invest in machinery? Then the industrial machinery manufacturing industry group comprises more than 7,500 company profiles. They are divided into over 100 product and service categories. Machines and plants in the manufacturing industry provide important and detailed technologies for other manufacturing.

From agriculture to construction and mining, the industrial goods sector is a large segment. It consists of big companies that manufacture large and sophisticated machinery. They also manufacture common household appliances. This is machinery manufacturing in a nutshell.

Let’s look at the top industrial machinery manufacturers in the U.S. We can also examine machinery parts manufacturers and the top manufacturers of industrial machinery.

The Industry At a Glance

The list of manufacturers or industrial manufacturing is those engaged in machinery production. Their purposes include foodstuffs, semiconductor machinery. It also includes wood and paper machinery. As well as printing machinery and equipment for other industries..

Here is a breakdown of some of the key roles within the industry. This list also explains how much each sector has grown in the last year.

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Agricultural, construction, and mining machinery
  • Metalworking machinery
  • Manufacture of ventilation, heating, air conditioning, and commercial cooling equipment
  • Manufacture of industrial machinery
  • Manufacture of commercial service machinery
  • Manufacture of machinery, turbines, and transmission systems
  • Other general-purpose machinery

The main factor influencing employment levels in the mechanical engineering industry. It’s a high growth rate.

According to MNI Compiler, operated by IndustrySelect, 45,676 manufacturers of industrial machinery and equipment are manufactured in the U.S.

A broad range of machinery is produced in the United States. It uses construction equipment. It also includes engine equipment, agricultural tools as well as wind generators. Businesses in this sector manufacture various types of equipment and manufacturing.

Different Sectors

The industrial machinery sector comprises several large and important manufacturing sectors. They produce end products using multiple metal shapes and processes.

The U.S. machinery and equipment industry is a great exporter. They export global machine brokers. They also sell manufacturing tools.

This includes assembly, support for manufacturing, farming, and chip manufacturing equipment, as well as plastics finishing equipment.

If you want to sell to a manufacturer of industrial machinery or another type of industrial company, IndustrySelect can help.

Industries in the mechanical engineering subsector produce end products by using mechanical forces. This means they use gears and levers to carry out work. Machines in this industry provide important and extensive technologies for lots of other service industries.

The U.S engineering industry comprises more than 23,000 companies. They each have a combined annual turnover of 360 billion dollars. Engineering provides jobs for many U.S residents in A huge area of manufacturing and service industries.

Machinery manufactured consists of technologies that are used in many other manufacturing sectors, such as the automotive, aerospace, and medical industries.

U.S Manufacturing

Machinery and equipment manufacturing in the United States is concentrated in the industrial Midwest. Industrial groups in mechanical engineering are part of the BizVibe Manufacturing Industry.

Table 2 includes the leading manufacturers of industrial machinery in the USA and their sales figures for 2016 by sector weeks.

The center of America has the largest amount of manufacturers of machines (industrial installations).

They include a big number of product lines from agricultural tractors. They also include mining equipment to oil drilling machines. Schneider Industries offers industrial equipment in St. Louis, Mo. These encompass food production, brewing equipment, support candles, and automotive machinery through factory auctions and sales negotiations.


The machinery manufacturing industry employs more than 1.6 million people, making it the largest manufacturing industry in the United States.

There are currently over 500,000 industrial companies and more than one million executives all associated with this industry.

Be sure to do your research in terms of data on industry figures, occupational mortality rates, and workplaces ailments per 100 full-time mechanical engineering workers.

Processes such as welding and assembly are similar to those used in metal manufacturing, but machinery manufacturing differs because it uses multiple metal shapes and processes to produce different parts and machines.


Caterpillar, based in Illinois, is one of the largest creators of gas. They also make construction equipment. Their other products include gas turbines and mining equipment. Their diesel and electric products are also popular. Finally, they also make pumps, valves, compressors, industrial control, and conveyor technology.

The U.S has a robust industrial engineering industry, and that will not change until 2021. The East Coast accounts for 18% of all industrial machinery companies, Meanwhile, the Pacific region accounts for 17%. Industrial asset brokers are often third parties. They act as a middleman to buy and sell equipment.

The industrial machinery sector provides more than one million jobs in the United States and 30,000 companies. The Bizvibes platform contains over 10 million business profiles. These come from over 200 countries and categorizes over 40,000 products and services.

The Industrial Machinery Manufacturers Sector Is Booming

There has never been a better time to get involved in the industrial machinery manufacturers sector than in the 2020s. New industries are developing all the time. As a consequence technology is improving. Everybody needs new equipment to help them take their businesses to the next level.

From new buildings being constructed in the post-pandemic boom which need industrial equipment to the new cars, the U.S is a hotbed for the industry.

There are also products we all need from air conditioners to spare car parts. This kind of manufacturing will always be profitable even in a depression or economic crisis.

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