If you’re a fan of any mainstream sport, it’s highly likely that you’ll be able to bet on exactly what you’re interested in. A large percentage of sports fans across the globe bet on sport – whether it’s football, rugby, horse racing, cricket, tennis or golf – so it seems like a missed opportunity if you’ve got some knowledge in it yourself, as it could end up benefitting you if you’re able to land some winning tips.

Most sports are played over the weekend, with it being the best time to indulge in football, prompting a lot of sports fans who are looking for another selection of weekend betting tips to sink their teeth into. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have much experience with betting or even much knowledge of sport outside of the one you favour; all you need to do is work out the basics and the rest is up to you, allowing for opportunities to place your own sports bets for Saturday and Sunday.

Football bets for the weekend

Not only will you find all English leagues playing out their main football fixtures over the weekend but the same can be said in Europe, where all of Italy, Spain, Germany and France will tend to play out their games from the top few divisions. This is the primary reason why you’ll find weekend betting tips for football, as it’s the most action-packed time for football, with Oddschanger being one website who always check out the football odds on offer before providing their own tips for the weekend.

While most of these football bets will be made from merely seeing short odds on a few home teams and putting them into a football accumulator, you can work out your weekend betting tips through going more in-depth with your own research. This includes looking at the past performances between the two teams in the game you’re betting on or working out the player availability based on transfers, injuries and suspensions.

Other sports you can bet on

The weekend is the peak-time for betting on football but there’s options to place bets on other sports if you’d prefer to broaden your horizons:

Rugby League and Rugby Union – If you’re happy with betting on either version, you could gain a lot from betting on rugby league or rugby union. Each edition of the sport will tend to have games played over the weekend, with rugby union typically being a Saturday or Sunday afternoon event. The bookies offer just as many markets for both, so it’s worth checking out if you want a break from betting on football.

Boxing – When the day draws to a close, a lot of punters might forget the option to bet on the array of fights which take place late into the night. Key highlights for boxing are conducted on Saturday evenings, with undercards happening beforehand too, making for a lot of options for fights to bet on.

Racing – If it wasn’t already enough to indulge in the horse racing throughout the week, there’s also just as much horse racing betting action at the weekend. This isn’t the only form of racing betting for the weekend either, with Formula 1 racing regularly appearing on both Saturday and Sunday, leaving you spoilt for choice.

Darts – It might not be the first sport you consider when looking for something to bet on but there’s a lot of excitement surrounding darts. As it’s become more of a family sport, you’ll find it being televised more, also leading to a larger selection of betting markets on bookie websites.