How a Throw Blanket Is Important for Safety

What comes to mind when you think of a throw blanket?

Comfort? Rest?

What about safety? Sure, most throw blankets are primarily for keeping you warm and cozy on a chilly day, but throw blankets can also provide much-needed protection in dangerous situations.

Read on to learn how humble throw blankets can keep you safe.

Safety First

Not every blanket is designed for some of the purposes we list below.

If you require a safety blanket that will work in more heavy-duty and industrial settings, consider the Shannon safety throw blanket.

Throw Blankets and Safety

While not every blanket can resist high temperatures for long periods of time, most can come in handy in a range of situations around the home or average workplace.

One of the most obvious features can be in the event of a fire.

A traditional blanket is not made of highly flammable materials and can do the job for most small fires. When a fire breaks out, many people are inclined to run and find water, or worse, some other liquid they have to extinguish an open flame.

This is rarely the best option and without enough water and pressure on the flames, it is unlikely to be successful.

The best method to combat fire is to smother the flame. That simply means removing oxygen.

You may have a candle at home which can be extinguished by simply placing the lid back on its jar; the principle is the same. By removing oxygen, the flame quickly goes out.

A throw blanket can be enough to dampen a flame and extinguish it before it gets out of control, but of course, a better option is a special fire blanket or heat-resistant blanket.

Throw Blankets and Heat

By this, we are not referring specifically to heated throw blankets, but a throw blanket’s ability to act as a protective layer from heat.

Depending on a throw blanket’s size, it could be used to shield you from excessive heat.

If you find yourself in a situation where you need a shield from a flame or hot surface, throw blankets could be folded or layered to reduce your contact and exposure to heat and protect you from danger.

The Best Throw Blanket for Safety

Not all throw blankets are equal and some are better designed to fight off danger than others.

A safety blanket that has been specially designed to withstand heat, flames, and chemical exposure is much more appropriate for an intensive working environment.

Exposure to extreme heat in the workplace can result in serious illness, so having the right equipment to stay safe is important.

Stay Safe

A throw blanket is primarily designed for comfort, but there are safer options out there. Depending on your emergency, it might just come in handy.

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