Hydrovac trucks are used in many different industries today. If you’ve never heard of them, you may not know how important they can be for tough digging jobs. In 2019, excavation damages cost over $30 billion.

Over the years, the need for less invasive equipment has increased. When you need precise and safe digging, consider a hydrovac truck. Keep on reading to learn what these trucks can do and how they work.

How Hydrovac Trucks Work

How does a hydrovac truck work? Hydrovac trucks use high-pressure water to turn soil into liquid. At the same time, they use a high-capacity vacuum to remove it.

There’s a piece of equipment that’s mounted to the truck to keep the water and soil. The hydrovac truck takes care of all the digging. It is also a precise method because a handheld wand can navigate the path and depth of the dig.

Some hydrovac trucks come with heated water available. That function helps during cold winter months.

Uses for a Hydrovac Truck

One of the uses for a hydrovac truck is to expose utility lines. Many of these lines are buried underground. For safety, locating the lines without damaging them has to be a precise process.

Since no metal is used, there’s less chance of disturbing the lines. Using the high-pressure water and vacuum, the point where the lines meet is exposed. The TRUVAC HXX allows a careful dig and reduces the chance of hitting one of these lines.

A hydrovac truck can break up frozen ground during cold weather in record time. How does a hydrovac truck work so fast? Many of these trucks use hot water to melt and break through the icy ground.

When companies need to dig trenches for pipelines, they often use hydrovac trucks. The trucks are so precise that the process ensures only the excavation area gets affected by the dig. That makes it less destructive to the surrounding soil.

Piling hole excavation is another one of the uses for a hydrovac truck. They can dig holes of various measurements to lay different sizes of pilings. They can also dig through to varying depths to suit the job.

A hydrovac truck does the work of debris removal with ease. These trucks are used to clean out structures that don’t have a lot of room. They allow for easy maneuvering in wet and dry areas.

The hydrovac truck operator has a control piece that gives more flexibility. It acts as a remote control when working with tight spaces. It’s also safer than other alternative cleaning methods.

Choosing the Right Hydrovac Truck

There are different hydrovac trucks available to use. You need to choose the right one for the job. Be sure you consider all the work requirements before you pick your digging machine!

There are hydrovac trucks to meet almost any capability. Knowing what you need will help you get the best fit for the task at hand. Check out our other articles for more informative lifestyle tips like this!