Cape Town, South Africa

While many people associate Africa with poverty, the truth of the matter is that there are many luxurious destinations in this continent, one of them being the beautiful Cape Town in the country of South Africa. Categorized as one of the top 10 beach cities in the world by none other than National Geographic, Cape Town offers virtually every luxury imaginable.

The first step to an extravagant stay in Cape Town is choosing an appropriate accommodation. Atop Africa’s newest world-class museum sits the Silo Hotel, an amazing world-renowned choice. Another option is The Marly, not only luxuriously comfortable but right by the beach for those who love a good swim in the ocean. Other elegant choices include the Mannabay, the Cape View Clifton, The One Above and La Grenadine, the latter being a less expensive yet still chic option.

Waking up in Cape Town would not be luxurious if not for a fancy brunch. The best spot to have this is at the Hemelhuijs, where one must reserve to avoid a long wait, yet is sure to indulge in the very best of South Africa. More options for great breakfast include The Lighthouse Cafe and The Foodbarn Restaurant.

An excellent activity for a worldly traveler is art shopping. New and better art galleries are popping up in Cape Town by the minute. Ever since the FIFA World Cup, a world-class level has been set. The best places for this are commune1, Jonathan Freemantle, and Maurice Mbikayi.

If art is not enough, there are always stores stocked with the most intricate of fashion articles, ready to be taken on by the international jet-setters who now roam this wondrous city. The very best place to shop is definitely the V&A Waterfront, an area of the city known for more than just its shops. Its top stores do not only include the world’s most luxurious brands, but also unique finds that are particular to the country.

Luckily, V&A Waterfront also offers sightseeing, since it is a district known for its charming architecture. For lunch, there are more than eighty restaurants, making this particular neighborhood any foodie’s delight. In addition, there are attractions for kids, including the famous Ferris Wheel, showcased in virtually every promotional picture of the are due to its charm and beauty. Once riding it, tourists are able to see the city spread wide bellow, and the gorgeous ocean shining.

For those who like the ocean up-close, a glorious idea is to rent a sailboat and experience the splashes of sea firsthand. For a twist on this experience, tourists are encouraged to look for the famous piano bars! If these activities are not thrilling enough, paragliding is the way to go. Beginners are helped by the pros, and non-amateurs are able to rent equipment and get going. It is a wonderful way to get some exercise and catch unbeatable views.

Finally, for a nightcap, the nightlife in Cape Town is alive and welcoming. The Casablanca Nightclub is the hottest and fanciest in town, and once finished the glorious hotel awaits!