Are you dealing with a nagging back pain you simply can’t get rid of? Worst of all, you can’t even recall the time when it started, and you have no idea what causes it in the first place? The answer will surprise you, but you might be carrying the source of your problems right behind your back.

We are talking about your ancient backpack. Back in the day, designers had no idea how to correctly anatomically shape rucksacks, and that caused a lot of trouble to some individuals, especially those who are used to having all of their belongings with them at all times. Luckily, nowadays, you don’t have to go through this grueling ordeal, as it’s very easy to buy one of the modern backpacks which offer plenty of support for your spine, and weigh close to nothing at all. One of such items is the Standard’s Daily Laptop Backpack, and today, we’ll take a closer look at this brilliant product.

A multifunctional masterpiece

Designing a perfect multifunctional daily backpack is not an easy feat. Sporty backpacks are oftentimes very flamboyant when it comes to design, while the professional ones are dreary and usually serve a single purpose – to carry your laptop around.

However, Standard’s Daily Backpack presents an ideal middle ground between the two. What helps its case even further is the top of the line practicality it offers. Users can choose whether they’d like to carry it around as a messenger bag, regular backpack, or even an elegant briefcase! No matter which way suits you the most, you’ll immediately notice just how comfortable this backpack is, with tons of cushioning on each side, as well as an excellent design that hugs the body at all times.

Intended for both work and travel

While the sheer dimensions of this backpack are quite modest, standing at 45 x 28 x 15 cm, it still offers more than enough space on the inside. In fact, the overall volume stands at 18L, and you better believe that Standard designers found a way to make the most out of it.

What makes this backpack an ideal work assistant is the special compartment perfectly suited for your 15’ laptop, or MacBook Pro. However, don’t think that the story ends there. In case you consider yourself a traveler, know that the daily has plenty to offer in that field as well. The first thing you’ll notice are the three outside pockets, ideal for your personal documents, or other quick grab items such as mobile phones or keys. Photography enthusiasts will be elated to hear that the daily also has a separate camera and lens pocket as well.

The Daily comes jam packed with amazing features

Besides looking classy, there’s more to this backpack that what meets the eye. What makes it super modern is the integrated USB port, allowing you to top off any gadgets on the go. But wait, there’s more! Another modern feature is certainly the RFID secure pocket! If you don’t know what that is, let’s just say that with this backpack, all of your personal data will be safe at all times! Believe me, some people would pay top dollar for this feature alone.

If you decide to become the proud owner of this tremendous rucksack, you’ll also be getting a premium shoulder strap, as well as a rain cover with the package, free of charge.

This backpack is here to stay

Built from the strongest and extremely durable materials, the Daily will be able to withstand years of punishment with no visible damage. If you really want to go into detail, let’s mention that it’s built from 310D nylon, backed up by 210D lining. Not only that these fabrics are rough, but they also provide water resistance as well.

Ultimately, there’s no better indication of the highest quality than the lifetime warranty and satisfaction guarantee Standard offers to their customers. Free international shipping is also included, in case you were wondering. It seems that Standard really went above and beyond for their customers with this terrific deal. Shop now from Standard Luggage Co.