Vaping Products

E-cigarettes have become quite popular in recent times. A huge percentage of vapers tend to be smokers who hope to quit smoking. One of the most important questions that people want to know the answer to is how vaping regulations are impacting people. E-cigarette companies have tried to rebrand their products as a solution to smoking and most vaping regulations have been based on it. However, most people do not buy e-cigarettes according to various surveys.

As much as 59 percent of US residents believe that the industry is not working to reduce the effects of smoking. E-cigarette makers on the other hand argue that their products like Cosmic Fog Kryp are helping the youth and are effective at helping adults give up smoking. Thus, it is difficult to pinpoint the effects of vaping regulations.

The National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine concluded that completely switching to e-cigarettes from conventional cigarettes reduces exposure to toxic chemicals. However, they found limited evidence to suggest that vaping is effective as an aide. 

Vaping Regulations over Time

Compared to when e-cigarettes were first launched, the government has taken measures to promote their use. The number of vapers has certainly gone up over time. Unlike how the vapes were first categorized as tobacco cigarettes, governments across the globe have re-categorized them as a medicinal product. But, mostly, e-cigarettes cannot be bought by minors. This has made it difficult for those under the age of 18 to get access to e-cigarettes which has made it harder to quit smoking. 

The vaping regulations now allow companies to advertise their products to raise awareness. This has had a positive impact as people who have wanted to quit smoking have received the information they need to start making an effort to quit smoking. 

More studies are being conducted to understand the potential of e-cigarettes as an effective cessation tool. Leading tobacco companies are conducting plenty of studies to test if their products may prove useful. The studies carried out by vaping companies are being submitted to the FDA (Food and Drug Authority) to help provide all the information needed to make conclusive suggestions. These studies are required to stay in the market.

The vaping industry has launched an aggressive campaign to rebrand itself as a solution for a reduction in the rate of smokers. Companies are trying to promote the health benefits of their products and are requesting lawmakers to stop over-regulating the industry. Not many people have a favourable view of the industry and the campaigns seem to be ineffective. 

People on the other hand find the regulations to be too weak. The truth is that since the vaping industry took root, adult consumers, activists, and bureaucrats have given the industry a tough time. The vaping regulations have made it harder for adult smokers to quit. 


Vaping regulations have a long way to go until positive results can be observed. Hence, there is much that needs to be done until it can be said that the regulations are helping people quit smoking.