Pai, Thailand

Pai, Thailand is a beautiful city full of waterfalls and canyons. Its culture is like none other with its tribal history, and the locals are fascinating people, true to their heritage. It is warm all year, and because of this and previously mentioned factors, it is quickly becoming a common tourist place. There are lots of things to see and do there.

Visit Pai Canyon

As for Pai Canyon, the view is beautiful, and it is easy to take some stunning photographs. The canyon has walkways without rails and the interference of other human-made structures, allowing for a truly spectacular experience. The hiking trails on their own would be enough to last for a few hours, but plan a picnic and to watch the sunset, and it would be easy to spend the whole day there. The beauty of the sunset makes it an artist’s dream location. For those who like adventure, they could rent a bike before visiting the canyon. No wonder it is one of the most popular destinations!

Visit the Walking Street

As the sun sets each night, the streets begin to line with many different booths, most selling food, clothing, and handmade items. This attraction is a great way to get involved in Pai’s culture and meet some of the locals. While browsing the streets, one would get to experience some Pai delicacies; one would find some expected Thai food, but they might also be surprised to find out that some vendors may be selling fried insects! While maybe not the top choice for dinner, they might find out that they’re not near as appalling as they sound.

Visit Pombok Waterfall and the Land Split

Pai is well known for its beautiful waterfalls. While one cannot really go wrong with choosing which one to go to, Pombok may be the best choice, for how close it is to another popular tourist destination. After spending some time at this gorgeous waterfall, it is not far from The Land Split, where there’s a variety of snacks and places to relax, before going on a hike to see this massive crack in the earth. The story of The Land Split is common to hear, because of how odd this phenomenon was. Without any warning the land developed a massive split, deeming it impossible for its owner to continue his farming life. The farmer, making the best of the situation, let it be turned into a tourist attraction.

Visit Hot Springs

Pai has many natural hot springs that are a unique experience because it is nature’s equivalent to a hot tub. All of them are hot except for one, so it is easy to spend some hours back and forth between hot ones and the cooler one. Not only is it relaxing, but they also are rumored to have healing properties for long-term conditions such as arthritis. While it is still not yet medically proven how much they help, a relaxing day can do a lot of good for one’s health.