What Are the Benefits of Having a Concealed Carry Permit?

Are you considering getting a concealed carry permit?

We all want to protect ourselves and our family from home invaders and bad people on the street, and the best way to do that is to carry a gun. But deciding between open and concealed carry isn’t so easy.

But if you are still undecided, read on to learn the benefits of getting a concealed carry permit.

Responsible Citizens Can Defend Themselves

Violent offenders won’t always have a gun, but usually, they’ll carry some sort of weapon. If the circumstance allows it, even a punch can be deadly. While waiting for law enforcement, you open yourself up to becoming a victim.

A concealed weapon with a permit lets you protect yourself if you’re attacked. You must know your way around gun safety though, so make sure you’re trained. Classes from companies like Concealed Coalition can help. You can find out more here at https://concealedcoalition.com/.

You Can Act Faster in an Emergency

The average time you’ll wait for police officers is around 11 minutes. For specific emergencies, there are some laws in place that state a faster response time.

For example, police must respond to school shootings in no more than 4 minutes. Having a concealed carry means that citizens who know how to use it can respond when danger is getting out of hand. As self defense during a home invasion for instance.

Reduce Draw Time

Knowing how you’ll wear your gun helps you work out any draw kinks that come with conceal carrying. This is why the holster or carrying device is a vital part of choosing your setup.

You want something that won’t show through your clothes. But you need a way for you to reach for your weapon fast if the need arises. A waistband holster is a popular choice or a purse.

Puts Police at Ease

In states with no restrictions on firearms, police have no lawful right to take your gun. But, once aware of it on a routine stop it could cause an issue as they’re unaware of your intentions/history.

Providing a permit shows you’ve had the background checks and training. It shows you’re an upstanding citizen abiding by the law and you’re a responsible gun owner.

Can Carry in Public Areas

Even states with no permit restrictions can still restrict where you carry them. You may not take them to places like schools, courthouses, restaurants, parks, etc.

These restrictions are only getting stricter too. For example, Washington DC recently banned open carrying at demonstrations. Check your local concealed carry laws and know them well.

Concealed Carry – The Right Choice for You

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits to having a concealed carry permit. A concealed carry permit allows you to have the protection of a firearm in more situations, than an open carry. This means you will be doing the very best you can to keep yourself and your family safe.

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