What Is the Water Well Drilling Cost?

You’re in the process of building your dream home in the Australian bush, complete with beautiful views of the rainforest and the peacefulness of distance from neighbors and city life. There is only one problem– you need water.

Getting city water way out to your location will not only be expensive and difficult, it will affect the local ecosystem. Your best option is to dig a well. But what does water well drilling cost?

First, let’s talk about the well itself.

Why Dig a Well?

Even if obtaining city water is a viable option, water well drilling has many benefits. Though it may cost more upfront, you won’t have to pay monthly water bills and will have a self-sufficient water source. This puts you, as the home owner, in control of your own water and you will not be affected by any problems that may arise with the public water system.

Another benefit is that it may add resale value to your home. It also lacks the chemicals that are so often added to public water, making it taste better and possibly be healthier for you. The lack of chemicals is also better for the environment and the other species that rely on your groundwater.

How Do You Drill a Well?

First, you will need someone to come and expect the geology of your property. This will tell you where the best place to drill will be. It will also let you know how deep you need to drill, as well as what kind of rock, soil, and bacteria exist in and around your groundwater.

According to the American Ground Water Trust, “deeper wells that are constructed properly usually provide guaranteed protection from bacterial contamination sources originating from the surface.”

Digging a deep well can be easily done by a professional company with the correct drilling machine. One great company is BG Drilling, who uses innovative drilling technology and strong industry knowledge to make sure your well will provide safe drinking water for ages to come.

How Much Does Water Well Drilling Cost?

A lot of factors go into how much your well will cost including, but not limited to:

  • How difficult the terrain is where you need to dig
  • How deep you need to go
  • How many purification tests you need
  • If you need a surface seal (a thick seal that keeps surface contaminants out of the water)
  • If you need a well screen (essentially a screen to prevent sand and debris from entering the water)
  • If you use an electric pump versus an aquifer system (An aquifer system uses pressure between rocks to cause water to naturally rise, while an electric pump does it electrically)
  • The price of your casing pipe, water heater, and storage tank

In the United States, the average cost is estimated to be between $1500-$12,000 per well, depending on all the variables.

Should You Attempt Water Well Drilling?

Water well drilling may be a great way for you to have clean water, increase your home value, and save the environment. If you are in the process of buying or building that new home and want to learn more about the home inspection process, click here.